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Rise Of Flight

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Rise of Flight is a state-of-the-art PC flight simulation title that sets a new standard in fidelity, beauty and realism. You can fly any one of several famous World War I fighter planes such as the Spad 13.C1, Fokker D. VII, Albatros D. Va and the Nieuport 28.C1 into aerial combat.

As a new fighter pilot you can fly several helpful Training Missions and once graduated, you can fly several Single-Player combat missions against a computer opponent. If you feel you have mastered the art of aerial combat you can embark on a Pilot Career and fly a historically accurate Campaign for the French, British, German or American air forces. You will be tasked with destroying enemy fighters, bombers and balloons, escorting your own bombers or attacking ground targets such as trains, trucks, tanks and artillery. As you complete your missions successfully you will be promoted and awarded commendations by your military high-command. You can rise through the ranks from a green Lieutenant all the way to full Colonel.

Rise of Flight features an advanced flight model that simulates the unique handling characteristics of WWI aircraft. Spins, stalls, loops, takeoffs and landings are all accurately modeled. The complex physics model simulates natural forces such as lift, g-force, inertia and torque, which allows for an amazing level of fidelity and interaction of objects within the game environment. The detailed and progressive damage model tracks the trajectory of every bullet and shell fragment, leaving no room for error. Stay in the line of fire too long and you’ll lose a wing or a tail, land too hard and the wooden spine of your plane will crack.

Historical references and modern computer graphics were combined to render 125,000 square kilometers of French countryside that is disfigured by a terribly cratered battlefield. Fluffy clouds fill the sky which you can fly into for cover. Rain and fog are also modeled in realistic detail making flying even more of a challenge as water drops cover your windscreen or goggles. Advanced graphics featuring moving shadows, depth of field, light bloom and reflections make the objects and scenery come to life in a very realistic way.

If you think you’re good enough, try flying against real human opponents over the Internet. Rise of Flight features a robust Multiplayer option designed to allow players to fly co-operatively as a team against the computer or human opponents. Multiplayer statistics such as aerial kills, targets destroyed and missions completed are tracked by neoqb servers.

Also included is a very powerful Mission Editor that allows players to design custom missions. The Mission Editor is included on the disk. There will never be a shortage of missions to fly.

Rise of Flight puts you right in the pilots seat of the greatest World War 1 aircraft! Once you have mastered the default aircraft included in the Full version of Rise of Flight, you can purchase new and exciting planes from the game store. Each one is perfectly modeled and allows you to experience the strengths and weaknesses of the real aircraft.

Fight your enemies, fly recon missions, attack ground targets, and cover your friends in the struggle for air supremacy over the breathtaking landscape of World War 1 France!

Feel what it was really like to be one the famous aces and master all the various planes of the nations involved!

Rise of Flight is more than just a game or simulation, it's a time machine. For anyone interested in the Great War or early aviation, Rise of Flight will thrill and excite. So hurry! Grab your goggles and silk scarf. Enemy airplanes are approaching. Who will emerge as the next Baron von Richthofen or Eddie Rickenbacker? Is it you?

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