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The Glorious Glosters; The First World War

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Geregistreerd op: 2-2-2005
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BerichtGeplaatst: 04 Dec 2011 10:18    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

De linkjes werken niet meer, deze heb ik nog gevonden:

ev Isherwood
The song outlines the history of the regiment from it's raising in 1694 to it's amalgamation in 1991.

Neither Kings, nor Queens or Royal Marines
But 28th Old Bragges
Brass before and brass behind
Never feared a foe of any kind
Shoulder arms

When in 1694 John Gibson beat the drum
Who would have thought there were so many honours to be won
In fighting hard for England we defend the colours well
In fighting far from Gloucestershire we've many tales to tell
First blood was shed at Ramilles when Marlborough took his chance
And the 61st at Quadeloupe beat the pride of France
We scaled the Heights of Abraham, like climbing Crikley Hill
Though memories of Wolfe may fade, Old Bragge's are marching still

We are the Glorious Gloucesters, famed for our attack
In Korea and Alexandria fighting back to back
When we have served our country and answered the trumpet's call
Send us back to Gloucestershire most glorious land of all

The war against Napoleon it really made our name
Though we had our jackets dusted well on Salamanca's plain
In fighting under Wellington the reds against the blues
Still they call the men who fell the flowers of Toulouse
We came out of our western hills to match Napoleons power
Was it Waterloo or Egypt said to be our finest hour
French cavalry drove in on us just like the Severn Bore
We just fought them fore and aft, those Frenchies were no more


With the primrose colours and the back badge worn with pride
Twenty-four battalions to the First World War did ride
Three times we stood at Ypers, not once did we give way
In standing firm like Gloucester Tower we kept the Hun at bay
Private Miles and Captain James both showed great bravery
While Bristol's own and forest boys earned their place in history
But in memory of soldiers never holding higher shields
Eight thousand Gloucester poppies still grow in those Flanders fields


By May of 1940 we were back at Waterloo
Against a threat in Europe we still had work to do
Lettringham(Sp?) and Cassel Hill we held them at all cost
But sliding back to Dunkirk it seemed that all was lost
Meanwhile the first and tenth were sent to drive the Japs away
They were fighting fit at Lepadan(phonetic) on the road to Mandalay
Finally at D-Day we were there right from the start
Along the road to victory we "Slashers" played our part


Five years of peace then we were sent this time out to Korea
In serving under Colonel Carne our task became so clear
Against the might of China we showed courage of the best
But the Battle of the Ingum (sp?) River proved our greatest test
With the situation desperate we withdrew to Gloucester Hill
And holding on against all odds our chances they were nil
No one but the Gloucesters could have done it we believe
And in honour now we all wear that citation on our sleeve


In Cyprus and the Middle-East we continued our success
In Germany and Bosnia Old Bragge's they still impress
We who wear the back badge will always march in time
And remember folks in Gloucestershire the friends we've left behind
Yes we'll remember Egypt where ever we may may roam
From Bristol down to Tewkesbury, from Coleford out to Stowe
Upholding the traditions no matter where we go
We'll keep the colours flying and salute the hills of Mal

The North Gloucesters were the 28th Regiment of Foot
The South Gloucesters were the 61st Regiment of Foot

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