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The Diary of A Doughboy

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BerichtGeplaatst: 17 Mrt 2006 22:31    Onderwerp: The Diary of A Doughboy Reageer met quote

September 25th

All day there has been a nervous atmosphere about the dugouts and the officers quarters, for tomorrow morning will tell the tale for many of us! We have all been in minor activities since we landed in France but this is to be the supreme test, and from all the information we can gather, the turning point of the struggle. I have been assigned to our machine gun company as a carrier during this action and Huskey, my chum is still with the scout section as a "sniper" and sharpshooter. They say "going over the top" makes a fellow feel queer and unsettled and I guess it does but when John came over to see me for the last time before the action started, we sat down under a tree and very soberly talked things over and agreed that if either survived the shock, he would immediately look or inquire about the other and the bidding each other goodbye we never saw each other again until the action was over, for our outfits were stationed at different points during the drive and his work and mine were of different natures. Funny how some fellows have a premonition that they will not come out of it alright. John, Pat, myself and a lot of the boys in the company were supremely confident that we would make the "hill" as they say, but some of the others were very down cast all day. Eugene Comisky of St. Louis, towards evening, called me aside and pulling a photo of his wife and baby from under his shirt bosom, showed it to me and , with tears in his eyes, told me he would never see them again. When I tried to cheer him up , he said he felt as if he were going "west" as soon as the struggle started and later developments proved it so, for I passed his dead body on the battlefield about twenty or thirty minutes after we went over the top. Was in the army with him since 1917 and didn't even know he was married. The same experience happened to our company clerk Harold Worthy of Jerseyville, Ill. went to the company quarters in the evening to have my papers fixed up for identification purposes and he remarked that he was surely glad he had his paper work all fixed up and in proper order, for that was the last clerical work he would have to do and when I asked him what he meant, he told me he was "going over the river" early in the morning. I would not believe him but we found him in a shell hole, a short time after we went over, with a machine gun bullet hole squarely between the eyes. His Cousin, of the same name and place in Illinois, was found a short distance from him. It has always seemed strange to me that these boys should have felt that way. during the night of Sept. 25th we were ordered to advance through the Vauquois Woods to our positions in dugouts on the sides and top of a hill to await the "zero" hour.

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