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“Fallen” by Alice Corbin

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BerichtGeplaatst: 09 Apr 2015 22:44    Onderwerp: “Fallen” by Alice Corbin Reageer met quote

He was wounded and he fell in the midst of hoarse shouting.

The tide passed, and the waves came and whispered about his ankles.

Far off he heard a cock crow — children laughing,

Rising at dawn to greet the storm of petals

Shaken from apple-boughs; he heard them cry,

And turned again to find the breast of her,

And sank confusèd with a little sigh…

Thereafter water running, and a voice

That seemed to stir and flutter through the trenches

And set dead lips to talking…

Wreckage was mingled with the storm of petals…

He felt her near him, and the weight dropped off —


“Fallen” is a famous World War I poem, written by Alice Corbin, about the last few moments of a fallen soldiers life. Its powerful yet at the same time very simple. As the poem begins with the fallen soldier laying in the trenches, the water washing along his ankles, he listens to all the different sounds around him that often seem to be drowned out by the intense sounds of battle. In the distance, the solider can hear the sounds of a crow and children laughing. The soldier also notices the petals raining down from a nearby tree. Both the sounds of the birds and the children and the sight of the petals symbolize the the simplicity and peace in the world, which as soldier, can be easily forgotten or dismissed. As the poem continues and the soldier continues to pass away, he begins to hear a voice speaking to him. In the final stanza, Corbin then writes “He felt near him, and the weight dropped off/Suddenly…” which could be interpreted as the weight of life disappearing and soldiers connection with God.
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