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Concentration Camp for the “Wrong” Galicians

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BerichtGeplaatst: 19 Dec 2013 21:03    Onderwerp: Concentration Camp for the “Wrong” Galicians Reageer met quote

Editor’s Note:

In light of the lies being passed by the Uniates, the Western news media, and by elements in Orthodoxy that’ve sold out to Western interests as part of the so-called “Euromaidan” effort, here’s something about the truth of the West’s “benign” intentions towards the Ukraine. Note well that the Galician Uniates were the Hapsburg’s willing hangmen. Their hands are RED with Orthodox bood. Do mark it down that they pump up the so-called “Golodomor”, which was rejected as a fable by the Council of Europe and the UN (it wasn’t a genocide, it affected all of Russia… it was a by-product of collectivisation throughout the country), but are silent on their role in the repression of the Ukrainian Russophiles (and, indeed, deny their very existence). It’s related to their denial of their role as the Nazis’ willing henchmen (sounds like the Balts, doesn’t it?). Do NOT take it out on individual Uniates… they’re only repeating the lies fed to them by their hierarchy and clergy. Remember, you can honour St Makim Sandovich or you can follow the American “line” on the Ukraine. Choose well…


Ninety years ago, the Austrian authorities severely persecuted Western Ukrainian Russophiles. Today, the first associations that one makes upon hearing the word “Galicia” are the SS division, Stepan Bandera, and the anecdote about Vuiko and Smerek. However, this wasn’t always the case! Galicia… where Prince Roman tore up the papal bull, where the Lvov brotherhood published the primer of the pioneering Ivan Fyodorov, and where one saw the polemicist Ivan Vyshensky in the 16thcentury, up to the time that Yaroslav Galan trashed the vices of the Roman Curia in his letters.

Today, few people remember that Lvov wasn’t only the original lair of Greco-Roman Catholicism… it was also the last line of defence of the Orthodox Church. Ivan Franko wrote, “After the Brest Sobor of 1596, only two southern Russian dioceses, Lvov and Przemysl, remained true to Orthodoxy. Only after the reestablishment of the Orthodox Archdiocese in Kiev did other Orthodox dioceses rise up again, to begin to regain those torn from the Church by the Unia. However, the Roman hierarchy keenly watched every step that the Orthodox made, in order to halt their successes. Using all sorts of methods, the papists were systematic and vigilant, they used clandestine methods to undermine Orthodoxy; besides which, they tried to indoctrinate the youth, Jesuits tried to whip up crowds with fanatical sermons, they used printed and handwritten satirical pamphlets to spread libels, and they utilised the protection of the powerful aristocracy and government decrees to cover up their action, everything that they did went to serve their aims”.

In 1891, when this great writer wrote these lines in perfect Russian in his article “Iosif Shumlyansky… the Last Orthodox Bishop of Lvov”, such cynical politics still existed, everything remained as before. It’s true that Austrian occupation replaced Polish rule. However, the same methods remained in use. Indeed, they intensified them! All that happened was that such methods became more sophisticated and used more-modern modern techniques. Describing for the magazine Киевская старина (Kievskaya starina: Kievan Antiquity) the vicissitudes of the national and religious struggle in the 17th century, Ivan Yakovlevich didn’t even suspect that, during his lifetime, we’d witness the most brutal act of this drama… the systematic destruction of the ”Russophiles” (Galicians who sympathised with Russia) by the Austrians during 1914-17. The names of the concentration camps Talerhof and Terezín, where the Austrians carried out their crimes, should be as iconic for the Ukrainian mass consciousness as Majdanek is for the Jews. Nevertheless, in the modern Ukraine you won’t find their names anywhere, you won’t find them in encyclopaedias or textbooks. They don’t fit into our unprincipled government’s propaganda myth of “civilised Europe” {apparently, this dates from the time of the pro-Western running dog Yushchenko: editor}. We ask, “Is the West different now?” However, it still goes on, as you can see!

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