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BerichtGeplaatst: 27 Jan 2013 16:43    Onderwerp: WFA UK Reageer met quote

Het bestuur van de WFA Engeland zond de volgende mail aan de redactie van de Sunday Times betreffende de herdenkings ceremoniŽn in 1914:

As President and two of the Vice-Presidents of The Western Front Association, we applaud today's editorial ('Right Way To Honour Our Great War Dead', 13 Jan 2013). This strikes exactly the right note. We should commemorate the victory over Imperial Germany in the First World War. Indeed, we agree with your editorial that while avoiding triumphalism the nation should celebrate the leading role played by Britain and the Empire in this victory.

Once again we call upon the government to include the Battle of Amiens (8 August 1918) in the official programme of commemorations. The centenary of the First World War offers a unique opportunity for education about Britain's role in this conflict, and to accord Amiens, a victory, the same status as the first day on the Somme, a defeat, would be a significant step in the right direction. The current official programme is as bizarre as marking the centenary of the Second World War by commemorating the Fall of France but not D-Day.
Professor Peter Simkins MBE, FRHistS (President, The Western Front Association)
Dr John Bourne BA, PhD, FRHistS (Vice-President, The Western Front Association)
Professor Gary Sheffield BA, MA, PhD (Vice-President, The Western Front Association)

Daarop past volgens mij de volgende reactie:

Without the financial,material and pro British attitude of the USA,
Britain would have lost the war in 1918 which, was acknowledged by the
letter of Lloyd George , Orlando and Clemenceau to Wilson in which they requested the immediate transportation of 100 American divisions. In their telegram tp the USA president we read:

"We therefore urge with utmost insistence that the maximum number of infantry and machinegunners, in which respect the shortage of men on the site of the Allies is most marked, should continue to be shipped from
America in June and July to avert the immediate danger of an Allied defeat in the present campaign owing to the Allied reserves being exhausted before those of the enemy. It is impossible to foresee ultimate victory in the war unless America is able to provide such an army as will enable the Allies ultimately numerical superiority".

On 25 June, admiral Sims, stationed in London, telegraphed to his ambassador as follows:

"I think I have made it plain that the Allies are losing the war; that
it.will be already lost when the loss of shipping reaches the point where
fully adequate supplies can not be maintained on the various battlegrounds".

Ambassador Page wrote 5 days later:

"If the British public knew all facts, the present British Governmnet would
probably fall. It is not only the submarine situation which is full of
danger. The political situation is in a dangerous state also".

Hierop kreeg ik vanuit de UK enkele reacties waarop ik antwoordde:

Well, although I am convinced that you will have the proper answer proving that the telegram was of no importance at all and that Britain was winning the war with or without any assistence from either France or the USA, in June 1918 , they held a different opinion. Thanks to the American reaction, moneywise and with material assistence and manpower, and yes, the German outbreak of the revolution helped also somewhat, , the British authorities were affraid that the war would be lost.

Imho what should be commemorated is not the the "leading role played by Britain and the Empire in this victory." but the terrible losses in manpower and in honour of the British soldiers who fought and died in a war in which the UK itself played a dark role too.

We kunnen de komende jaren een zondvloed van chauvinistische Britse publicaties tegemoet zien waarin ze de heldenrol van de UK weer zullen etaleren ten koste van de Fransen, Amerikanen en Russen zonder wie ze niet eens oorlog hadden kunnen voeren. Maar ja, de gevestigde meningen zullen weer hoogtij vieren.

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