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The woods are still green

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BerichtGeplaatst: 18 Feb 2014 20:57    Onderwerp: The woods are still green Reageer met quote

LJUBLJANA: Slovenian hit film director Marko Naberšnik is finishing work on The Woods Are Still Green, an anti-war drama set during WWI. The Austrian-Slovenian coproduction shot in extreme weather conditions in only 18 days.

The main characters are two Austro-Hungarian soldiers, Bohemian captain Jan Kopetzky, scion of a wealthy family, and private Jakob Lindner, son of a craftsman, the sole survivors of an Italian artillery attack in the mountains on the Southern front with Italy in 1917.

The Woods Are Still Green/Die Walder sind noch grün ( is produced by Robert Hofferer through the Austrian company ARTDELUXE in coproduction with Aleš Pavlin and Andrej Štritof through the Slovenian company Perfo. The budget is 300,000 EUR with funding coming completely from private sources.

"Telling a story about war is a delicate matter. We decided to film on original locations from the frontline of the First World War and without a big budget, as this would have taken us away from the unpleasant memories of that time. So we made a touching film about the cruelty of war, without any mass scenes that could never depict the bitter inner loneliness experienced by every single soldier in any war," Hofferer told FNE. He co-wrote the script with Naberšnik.

The film was shot in autumn 2013 on an Arri Alexa camera at an altitude of 2,200 meters in the Julian Alps of Slovenia, as well as at historical fortresses and at VibaStudios Ljubljana. Miloš Srdid is the DoP. The main roles are played by Michael Kristof and Clemens Aap Lindenberg. The cast also includes Simon Šerbinek and Kristian Hodko.The film is expected to be finished in March 2014. Negotiations with sales agents are underway.

Production information:

Artdeluxe GmH
Reichsratsstrasse 5,
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 513 36 73 15

Perfo d.o.o
17 Malgajeva ulica
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: + 386 1 232 14 68
Fax: + 386 1 232 14 69

Director: Marko Naberšnik
Script: Robert Hofferer
Marko Naberšnik

DoP: Miloš Srdid
Editor: Jan Lovše
Composer: Michael Wollny
Sound designer: Matjaž Moraus Zdešar
Sound effects editor: Samir Foco
Production designer: Miha Ferkov
Costume designer: Janeta Čoh
Make-up: LukaLuka
Cast: Michael Kristof, Clemens Aap Lindenberg, Simon Šerbinek, Kristian Hodko

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