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Gallipoli Chapel Memorial Refurbishment Ė Centenary 2015 Goa

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BerichtGeplaatst: 29 Jun 2011 18:11    Onderwerp: Gallipoli Chapel Memorial Refurbishment Ė Centenary 2015 Goa Reageer met quote

Gallipoli Chapel Memorial Refurbishment Ė Centenary 2015 Goal

Holy Trinity in Eltham, London is a unique memorial: the Gallipoli Memorial Chapel. Originally dedicated to the men of the British Armyís 29th Division who did not return, the Chapel has since served as an international focus for remembering the horror, death and carnage suffered by all involved

Henry Hall, Holy Trinity's Vicar during the War, Chaplain to the 29th Division and the original force behind the Chapel, has ensured that their memories live on. What follows is an extract from a letter of the Revd Henry Hall to his wife: "Each night we have heavy gun fire - we are within a few yards of the sea - on the top of a slope, and every day we get shelled. The landing was awful - men and officers shot down in shoals, caught in wires - killed, wounded, drowned".

The Chapel, which has seen an annual Gallipoli Memorial Service every year since 1921, internationally rich lectures telling of the horror from all perspectives between 1985 and 2000, is in need of refurbishment. The Gallipoli Chapel Memorial Fund has been set up by Members of Holy Trinity's congregation to raise the necessary funds to complete this work in time for the Gallipoli Campaign Centenary Commemoration in 2015.

In terms of the Gallipoli Chapel they are now looking to raise £100,000 by 2012 to carry out the necessary and associated works by 2015. The money will facilitate new lighting, fabric repairs, stone cleaning and redecorating, and ancillary works such as redecoration of the area leading to the Chapel and toilet / disabled facility upgrades. This will mean that the primary purpose of the chapel continues, namely to keep alive the memory of 1915 and the horrors of other military conflicts, reminding all that those sacrificed are not forgotten., using the Centenary to promote learning, community involvement and conservation.

If you would like to visit and/or donate, please see the details on their website Let's help keep the memory alive.

For more information see the Remembering Their Sacrifice leaflet which contains additional details and contact information of the project team.

Revd. Henry Hall, 29th Division

The chapel is on the south side of the Chancel, originally dedicated to St Agnes, but is now better known as the Gallipoli Chapel. The connection between the Church and the Gallipoli Campaign lies chiefly in the personality of the vicar of the parish at that time, the Reverend Henry Hall. Hall had already had a distinguished academic and educational career when he arrived in Eltham in 1907; he had been an Exhibitioner at St John's College, Cambridge, and Headmaster of Reigate and Totnes Grammar Schools. He remained Vicar of Holy Trinity until his death in 1942. Soon after arriving in Eltham he was appointed a Chaplain to the Territorial's, and he volunteered to leave his parish temporarily to become Chaplain to the British Army's 29th Division while they were preparing for active duty abroad. He went with them when they were posted to the Middle East and accompanied them on 25th April 1915 when they landed on the W Beach, Gallipoli. Like many chaplains in the Great War, Henry Hall showed great courage; he stayed with his men, celebrating Holy Communion for them in the midst of the battle, for which he was mentioned in dispatches. During this tour of duty he was invalided to Alexandria in July and demobilised the following April. Shortly after his return to Eltham, and because he was so moved by the experience in the Dardanelles that was to haunt him throughout his life, Henry Hall resolved to set up a memorial to the men of the 29th Division who did not return to Britain. The relatively new St Agnes Chapel at Holy Trinity provided an appropriate setting; thus it was transformed into the Gallipoli Memorial Chapel, dedicated as a permanent memorial to the 29th Division and unveiled as such by General Sir Ian Hamilton on 25th April 1917.
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