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Murder on the Ridge

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BerichtGeplaatst: 28 Mrt 2006 15:50    Onderwerp: Murder on the Ridge Reageer met quote

Murder on the Ridge

March 28, 2006
Good tale of history, mystery and friends

Murder on the Ridge, by native Canadian tween/teen writer Ted Stenhouse, is his third book about the town and residents of Grayson.

This one ties up the loose ends of the other two while telling a great story.

It's 1952, and Will, Arthur and Catface are back, still puzzling over the strange letter from a soldier in 1917 that says Catface's grandfather, Wilfred Black (Wolfleg to his Blackfoot people) did not die on Vimy Ridge as the telegram said, but was murdered by someone he knew.

The boys know who wanted him dead, but not who pulled the trigger.

They make little progress until Arthur's grandfather offers to help and performs a sweat-lodge ceremony that sends them back in time and reveals the killer's identity.

Now all that remains is the identity of the soldier who wrote the letter.

It's a race against time to find a man haunted by his past and convince him to come forward and bring justice to a family who has waited for 35 years before it is silenced forever.

Murder on the Ridge is a refreshing book for young readers looking for a story amongst a market bloated with teen romances and whiny Holden Caufield-esq heroes.

Stenhouse's writing is solid, easily understandable (best for ages 10-18), and his characters are believable.

The time is mirrored well, describing everyday life, from going to church and family life to racial tensions between natives and white, complete with politically incorrect slurs and references to treaties, residential schools and Canada's coming of age at Vimy Ridge.

The best parts of this book are the camaraderie between native Arthur and white Will as well as native spirituality highlighted by the sweat lodge and visiting spirit scenes.

Murder on the Ridge is not so much historical fiction or mystery as it is a tale of how friendship can overcome all barriers.
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