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British Army Italy 1917 - 1918

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BerichtGeplaatst: 24 Jul 2010 12:33    Onderwerp: British Army Italy 1917 - 1918 Reageer met quote

British Army Italy 1917 - 1918
Featuring battles of Asiago Piave Caporetto
and military commanders such as Rommel, Plumer, Cavan, Cadorna,
Diaz and Conrad von Hotzendorf.

The aim of this site is to describe some aspects of British military activity during the Great War, mainly the deployment, training and operations of the BEF (Italy). In time there will also be information about the Italian Campaign in general, such as Austro-Hungarian, French, German, Italian and United States forces, and those of smaller nations, serving in that theatre; their deployment, logistics, training, battles, medical and leisure facilities, and cemeteries. There will also be some information on naval operations in the Adriatic, both in the north (the Gulfs of Venice and Trieste) and further south in the Otranto Channel, which was a used to supply Italian and Serbian forces in and around Albania, and Allied forces in Salonika.

The Italian Campaign is one of the least-known elements of the Great War. However, the numbers of troops involved, the scale of the main battles and their casualty lists, equalled many on the Western and Eastern Fronts. Also, the nature of the battlegrounds, ranging from coastal swamps to 12,000-foot high snowfields, created conditions unique in the Western Front, and were matched only by some operational zones in the Caucasus and Mesopotamia. Finally, the balance of power in the west, if not the outcome of the war, might have been altered by events on the Italian Front, not just once, but twice, as will be described.

The site will make extensive use of contemporary photographs and other printed material, and of maps, Italian, British and Austro-Hungarian.

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Geregistreerd op: 11-6-2007
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BerichtGeplaatst: 25 Jul 2010 18:09    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

British Order of Battle in Italy.

General Staff
Commander-in-Chief: General Sir Herbert Plumer
Major-General, General Staff: Major-General Sir Charles Harington
GSO1: Lieutenant-Colonel C. Mitchell
DAG: Major-General W. Western
DQMG: Major-General A. Chichester
Dg Transportation: Major-General W. Grey
CRA: Major-General C. Buckle
Chief Engineer: Major-General F. Glubb
Commander RFC: Brigadier-General T. Webb-Bowen
Liaison Officer with CIGS: Brigadier-General J. Crowe
DAAG: Major M. Webb

Army Troops
Field Artillery
XIV Brigade RHA, LXXII, LXXVI and CLXXV Brigades RFA

Heavy Artillery
XV, XXIV, LXXX, XCIV and CXL Heavy Artillery Groups RGA
19, 90, 155 and 1/1st Warwickshire Heavy Batteries RGA
105, 137, 171, 172, 176, 181, 197, 229, 240, 247, 289, 293, 302, 307, 315, 316, 317, 390, 391 and 438 Siege Batteries RGA

Anti Aircraft Artillery
No 4 Groups (Lovat's Scouts) Yeomanry, S Battery RGA, 23, 60, 63, 135 and 136 AA Sections RGA, 80 and 81 Searchlight Sections RE

Motor Machine Guns
12th Motor Battery MGC

Royal Engineers
285 and 290 Army Troops Companies RE
6 Field Survey Company RE
Detachment, Meteorological Section RE
No 5 Pontoon Park RE
No 2 Boring Section RE

Royal Flying Corps
VII Brigade RFC (14th and 51st Wings, comprising 28, 34, 42, 45 and 66 Squadrons; 7th Aircraft Park; Aeroplane Supply Depot; 7, 22, 24 and 33 Kite Balloon Sections, 4 and 9 Balloon Wings, 20th Balloon Company)

Signal Service
32, 34 and 9 (Motor) Airline Sections RE
N, WS and WT Cable Sections RE
2nd Signal Construction Company RE
5 and 25 Motor Wireless Sections RE
7th Army Wireless Observation Group RE
15, 24, 80, 94 and 104 Heavy Artillery Group Signal Sections RGA
70, 71, 72, 73 and 74 Horse-drawn pigeon lofts

Army Service Corps
360 (MT) Company ASC (4th Pontoon Park)
Army Troops Supply Column (MT) ASC
443rd and 1047th Army Auxiliary (HT) Companies ASC
93 Company ASC (1st Mobile Repair Unit)
654 and 1037 (MT) Companies ASC, attached RGA
369, 370, 374, 375, 377, 380, 383 and 398 (MT) Sections ASC
No 2 Section AA Workshop

Royal Army Medical Corps
26, 36 and 41 Motor Ambulance Convoys
9, 24, 37, 38 and 39 Casualty Clearing Stations
32 and 33 Advanced Depots (Medical Stores)
36, 57, 73, 75 and 84 Sanitary Sections

Royal Army Ordnance Corps
3rd (Light) and 11th (Medium) Mobile Workshops

XI Corps (arrived Italy 1 December 1917)
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant- General Sir Richard Haking
Corps Troops
1/1st King Edward's Horse
HQ Corps Heavy Artillery RGA
11th Cyclist Battalion ACC
Corps Topographical Section RE
Signal Troops RE (L Corps Signal Company; 27 (Motor) Airline Section; R and LC Cable Sections, Corps Heavy Artillery Signal Section RGA)
Corps Siege Park ASC
Corps Ammunition Park (345 (MT) Company (25 Ammunition Sub-Park) ASC)
491 (MT) Company ASC, attached Corps Heavy Artillery
5th (Light) Mobile Workshop AOC
Area Employment Company
Corps School

XIV Corps (arrived Italy 5 November 1917)
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant- General Earl of Cavan
Corps Troops
1/1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry
14th Cyclist Battalion ACC
Corps Topographical Section RE
Signal Troops RE (J Corps Signal Company; 54 (Motor) Airline Section; AS, M and BU Cable Sections)
Corps Supply Column ASC (391 (MT) Company - Corps Troops; 498 (MT) Company - 17th Divisional; 494 (MT) Company - 41st Divisional)
Corps Ammunition Park (600 and 607 (MT) Companies; 509 and 62 Ammunition Sub-Parks)
7th (Light) and 4th (Medium) Mobile Workshops AOC
273 Area Employment Company
Corps School

5th Division
7th Division
23rd Division
41st Division
48th (South Midland) Division TF

Lines of Communication
Base, two General Base Depots, Large Rest Camp, XI Corps Reinforcement Camp, XIV Reinforcement Camp

Royal Engineers
8th (Monmouth) Army Troops Company, half 32 Base Park Company, detachment Special Works Company

Signal Service
Detachment Signal Company, detachment LofC Signal Company, No 1 Telegraph Construction Company

Two Infantry Base Depots, three Companies of 1st Garrison Bn, the Royal Munster Fusiliers

Army Service Corps
Branch Requisition Office
1046 Company (2nd Base Depot)
Base Horsed Transport Depot
1034 Company (Base Motor Transport Depot)
1045 Company (6th Advanced Horsed Transport Depot)
6 and 32 LofC Supply Companies
24 and 25 Field Bakeries
11 and 20 Field Butcheries
7, 39, 52, 62, 63 and 64 Railhead Supply Detachments
1035 (82nd Petrol) and 1036 (83rd Petrol) Auxiliary Companies
HQ Remount Depot, and 10, 19 and 33 Remount Squadrons

Royal Army Medical Corps
1, 4 and 14 Sanitary Sections
11, 60 and 62 General Hospitals
Base Depot Medical Stores
7 and 14 Bacteriological Laboratories
15 and 23 Hygiene Laboratories
15, 18, 21 and 26 Ambulance Trains

Army Veterinary Corps
1 and 22 Veterinary Hospitals
No 6 Base Depot Veterinary Stores

Army Ordnance Corps
4, 68, 79 and 83 Companies
Base Provision Office, Medium Mobile Workshop, railhead Ammunition and Ordnance Detachments

Army Pay Corps
Base Pay Unit

4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11th Bns, the British West Indies Regiment
16, 172 and 195 Companies, the Labour Corps

Base Post Office, Censor Section
Claims Commission Office
Printing & Stationery Depot
Convalescent Depot
Graves Registration Office
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