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Fernhill Military Hospital.

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BerichtGeplaatst: 18 Jun 2009 19:12    Onderwerp: Fernhill Military Hospital. Reageer met quote

During a meeting of the Bacup Hospital Charities Committee on August 15 1914 it was suggested by Mr J.H.Lord ( Treasurer ) that Bacup might follow the lead of some other towns in offering a suitable place to the Military Authorities for use as a hospital for the treatment of the sick and wounded in the war. He said

" He understood that the ambulance services were offering help with sheets and beds and he thought that they as a Hospital Charities Association might suggest to the corporation the availability of possibly offering Stubylee Hall".

After some further discussion however the matter was dropped. Fourteen days later however the matter of a Rest Station or Convalescent home was brought once again to the attention of

the local officials of the Nursing Division when a Mrs Tweedale organizing secretary of the Red Cross Association for Lancashire visited the Ambulance drill hall at Bacup. Mrs Tweedale felt that Bacup was a ideal place for the setting of a Convalescent Home where the injured soldiers could recuperate and take advantage of the bracing air.

Fernhill House the private residence of Mr and Mrs Mitchell J.P, with grounds was eventually deemed suitable and the necessary alterations were made.

Fernhill opened it's doors to it's first patients from the 2nd Western Hospital Manchester on Sunday November 16th 1914. Patients being transported there using private cars loaned to the hospital by many of the local gentry. The soldiers arrived at Fernhill just after noon and where met by the Mayor and Mayoress, the doctors and Mrs Sutcliffe the Matron, Lady Superintendent Simpson and first officer Rushton with other members of staff also present. The patients consisted of: Corporal Sdyney Moss - 3rd Rifle Brigade. Private McVitty - Irish Guards, Private D Garratt - 3rd Worcester, Private Browns - 10th Hussars, Private Macentie - Royal Field Artillery, Private Fitzpatrick - Irish Guards, Private Burgoyne - 1st Devon, Private Moss - 2nd Manchester's.
Another four soldiers arriving a few days later their names being : Pte. Tomlinson - Cheshire Regiment, Pte Fitzpatrick - 2nd Kings Own Scottish Borderers, Pte. Coles - 1st Devon's, and Pte .Whiting - 1st Royal Berkshire Regiment.

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