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Gallipoli submarine HMAS AE2 to be left on sea floor

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BerichtGeplaatst: 03 Mei 2008 9:53    Onderwerp: Gallipoli submarine HMAS AE2 to be left on sea floor Reageer met quote

Gallipoli sub to be left on sea floor

April 28, 2008 - 2:27PM

A sunken Australian submarine that took part in the Gallipoli campaign will likely be left where it rests and protected as a national heritage relic.

A Turkish-Australian workshop in Istanbul on options for HMAS AE2 has decided not to recommend raising the wreck, which lies in 73 metres of water in the Sea of Marmara after being scuttled in an April 1915 battle.

Underwater surveys found the submarine's hull to be in sound condition and preserved in an environment where corrosion is inhibited by prevailing conditions, AE2 Commemorative Foundation chairman Peter Briggs said.

The two-day workshop, convened by the Turkish Institute of Nautical Archaeology (TINA) and the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA), resolved to recommend their two governments protect and preserve the AE2 where it rests.

"We have recommended that the submarine should be protected by two buoys, an underwater shield, an anti-intruder surveillance system and sacrificial anodes against corrosion," said Rear Admiral Briggs (ret), also SIA president.

"An archaeological assessment of the interior of the submarine should also be conducted.

"These measures would protect and preserve one of the last remaining significant relics of the Gallipoli campaign, which is important to the national heritage of both countries."

The AE2 was the first Allied submarine to penetrate the Dardanelles on the morning of April 25, 1915, as Australian soldiers landed at Anzac Cove.

The vessel evaded minefields and patrol craft, survived heavy shell fire from land and torpedoed the Turkish gunboat Peykisevket before reaching the Sea of Marmara.

On April 30, the crew of 32 men abandoned and scuttled the AE2 after it was hit by a Turkish torpedo boat, the Sultanhisar.

No lives were lost but four of the crew died later while being held as prisoners of war.

The wreck of the submarine, also known as the Silent Anzac, was found by divers in 1998.

Rear Admiral Briggs said the workshop also recommended that the stories of the AE2 and Sultanhisar be told to the people of Australia and Turkey.

"The Anzac centenary in 2015 should be used to commemorate the naval action associated with the Gallipoli campaign, in particular the encounter between AE2 and the Sultanhisar," he said.

© 2008 AAP
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Geregistreerd op: 12-12-2007
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BerichtGeplaatst: 03 Mei 2008 21:28    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Hallo Yvonne,

Leuk stuk.
Weet jij meer van de Australiese onderzeedienst tijdens WO 1 (en WO2)
Waren zij ook actief op de Noordzee en zijn er ook Australische onderzeers op de Noordzee gezonken?


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In the city of monuments.
Among the flags of all governments
The order of battle is written in the shadow off a hard black line.

Too long a soldier/Pat Benatar
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