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The Great Trench War

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Fritz Kempf
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BerichtGeplaatst: 26 Aug 2008 11:27    Onderwerp: The Great Trench War Reageer met quote

The Great Trench War is a modification for the Electronic Arts Real Time Strategy game "Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour", with the intention of accurately simulating the entire span of World War 1 while still maintaining the speed and fun of the aforementioned game. Hence players construct bases and train soldiers with the ultimate objective of eliminating the enemy, or take part in specific campaigns from key battles of World War 1 with limited resources and units at the players disposal. The focus will largely be on historical correctness, realism and tactics combined with fun and challenging gameplay

Next to historically correct units and vehicles, modelled as accurately as the engine allows, a powerful WW1 atmosphere is created through the use of different maps and battlefields, with dynamic trench constructions and an array of statics. The gameplay is largely being overthrown so that one must count on teamplay, artillery, slow units and static warfare. This gives the game a whole different character; one where the player must try and break through the enemies' defences to achieve victory, placing much more emphasis on long-term tactical maneuvers.

Next to the battles fought on the Western front between mostly the Germans, the British and the French, the intention is to cover other scenarios such as the Turkish battlefields at Gallipoli, or the Eastern front where Germany and Austria-Hungaria fought against Russia. Through land- and airbattles using historic weapons and units, TGTW will try to bring you a tactical game, based on the first world war, where you'll have to thoroughly think about every step you take.

Our website has been created using a modern system called Dotlan, which enables us to offer all of the necessary information in three different languages. At the moment, most of the content is available in both German, English and French, where TGTW team and support is primarily English. Next to all kinds of information regarding the game itself, we also have an elaborate history databank filled with articles well worth a read. We keep our community up to date on TGTW wherever possible, and strive to answer any questions in the forum. The Frontline 18 forum reaches about 130 posts per day coming from around 1000 active members. With about 5000 visitors each day, we're now one of the well known sources for WW1 material on the net.

With over 50 members, the Frontline18 team is one of the biggest in the modding scene, with extensive history articles posted on a frequent basis to give a background to the war. All of this is done on a non commercial basis and is mostly a hobby project. However, we do make use of modern technology in the development of the mod. Next to a CVS system, which enables multiple developers to coordinate their work and work together, we make use of modern 3D programs, graphical programs and the tools made for modding this game by EA and Dice. All developments come from careful planning and a coordinated team.

A large team of betatesters makes sure that the usual high level of quality is preserved. Only those vehicles, weapons, sounds, images, videos and maps that we deem appropriate for the public to see will be published.

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