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Ace of Aces – Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr 1

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BerichtGeplaatst: 26 Jun 2008 7:33    Onderwerp: Ace of Aces – Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr 1 Reageer met quote

Ace of Aces – Handy Rotary Series
Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr 1

“If you can fly a Sopwith Camel you can fly anything”

1. Introduction

Ace of Aces is a unique air combat game based in WW1. Each player flies a plane, either an Allied Sopwith Camel or a German Fokker Dr 1. The game is played using two books which have a picture of the view from their planes cockpit looking towards their opponent.

At the bottom of the page are the various manoeuvres that you can choose from. Each plane (as there were several different sets available) has its own special “tricks”, such as rotary turns for these babies that emulates the advantage of using their rotary engines to flick the plane around on the right.

Each manoeuvre has a page number underneath which is cross referenced with your opponents choice to come to a final page that is the final outlook from your cockpit. Each player should end up on the same page just to make sure you've got it right! It is really easy and fast. Half the fun is seeing how the system handles combining your move with your opponents.


These are great and very unusual for a game; two books and a protective sleeve along with a very thin chart book. The pictures are black and white line drawings that capture the feel of the era perfectly. As I've mentioned, my books and sleeve are covered with clear protective plastic just to survive over 20 years of play.

When you first look at them you may be underwhelmed – but just start playing.... it's like an Indiana Jones film. The glow starts to come out of the pages.... Smile Anyway my books haven't come apart at the binding after more than I would think nearly a thousand flights. Pretty good!


The rules are very clearly written and the basic game takes about 2 minutes to explain. There are also rules for advanced play, multiple players and campaigns just in case you get bored or want to extend the system. I've played all and they all work well and are very clear.


Is it fun? You bet! The game plays quickly and involves both players. Decisions are fast and furious. You can almost feel the wind in your face and smell the burning oil. The game plays out in about 20 minutes and it is a great filler. As I've mentioned before one of the interesting things, apart from trying to shoot the other fella down, is watching the system combine the moves and give you the final result. The game is about bluff, tactics and trying to get inside your opponent's head. Sound like fun? Terrific stuff.


If only these were real flying hours I'd have my pilots license by now. Yes the system is immensely replayable. The main reason for this is that you are playing your opponent and it feels that way – not the system or a gimmick. There are also the options of advanced rules, campaign play, etc. The short time to play is also a great advantage as its easy to squeeze a game in.


What more can say? I love it and always enjoy a game. Unfortunately the game is long out of print so can be hard to find. If you want a fast, fun and involving game about WW1 fighter planes look no further.
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