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Writing by moonlight

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BerichtGeplaatst: 05 Apr 2008 7:14    Onderwerp: Writing by moonlight Reageer met quote

Clayton M. Sherwood:
Diary of Foreign Service, August 1917 to February 1919

Transcribed and annotated by John C. Sherwood, March-December 2002

Clayton Marshall Sherwood was born Nov. 18, 1897. He was the eldest of three children of Charles Philo Sherwood and Ella Jane Marshall, who farmed in Kalkaska County in the northern part of Michiganís Lower Peninsula. Claytonís siblings were twins, Elmer and Edna, born in May 1900.

After high school, Clayton received a basketball scholarship for a year at Kalamazoo College, a private college, but when he enlisted for military service in April 1917, he was fated not to return for the fall semester and subsequently lost the scholarship. Clayton received basic training for m service at Fort Andrews in Boston Harbor, which he left in July 1917 for Fort Adams at Newport Harbor, R.I. From there, he reported for service in August 1917 and was shipped to France as a member of the U.S. Army Field Artillery mortar team.

In May 1917 Claytonís battery was involved in a heavy exchange of artillery fire near Noviant-aux-Prťs, north of Toul in Meurthe-et-Moselle. On the night of May 26-27, 1918, he was exposed to a three-hour German mustard gas attack, and was hospitalized June 1-3 for what was thought at the time to be ďthe grippeĒ Ė the attending physician threatening to charge him with going A.W.O.L. if he continued to insist on returning to duty. Clayton recovered, and in September 1918 participated in the Battle of Saint-Mihiel in France during the third phase of the Second Battle of the Marne.

Clayton was shipped home in early February 1919, about seven weeks after the end of the Great War. He returned to farming in Rapid River Township, Kalkaska County, Michigan. Unable to afford to go to Kalamazoo College, he was accepted to the state-supported Western Normal School, now Western Michigan University. In 1983, he received a Purple Heart award, bestowed upon servicemen who sustain injuries while engaged in armed conflict. Clayton died Aug. 26, 1993, in Kalkaska.



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