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Auteur Bericht

Geregistreerd op: 14-11-2007
Berichten: 4

BerichtGeplaatst: 14 Nov 2007 11:06    Onderwerp: ANZAC MEMORIAL Reageer met quote

Those heroes that shed their blood And lost their lives...
You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
Therefore, rest in peace.
There is no difference between the Johnnies
And the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side,
Here in this country of ours.
You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries...
Wipe away your tears.
Your sons are now lying in our bosom And are in peace.
After having lost their lives on this land,
they have Become our sons as well.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President, stands as a towering figure of the 20th Century. Among the great leaders of history, few have achieved so much in so short period, transformed the life of a nation as decisively, and given such profound inspiration to the world at large.

Emerging as a military hero at the Dardanelles in 1915, he became the charismatic leader of the Turkish national liberation struggle in 1919. He blazed across the world scene in the early 1920s as a triumphant commander who crushed the invaders of his country. Following a series of impressive victories against all odds, he led his nation to full independence. He put an end to the antiquated Ottoman dynasty whose tale had lasted more than six centuries - and created the Republic of Turkey in 1923, establishing a new government truly representative of the nation's will.
As President for 15 years, until his death in 1938, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk introduced a broad range of swift and sweeping reforms - in the political, social, legal, economic, and cultural spheres - virtually unparalleled in any other country.

His achievements in Turkey are an enduring monument to Atatürk. Emerging nations admire him as a pioneer of national liberation. The world honors his memory as a foremost peacemaker who upheld the principles of humanism and the vision of a united humanity. Tributes have been offered to him through the decades by such world statesmen as Lloyd George, Churchill, Roosevelt, Nehru, de Gaulle, Adenauer, Bourguiba, Nasser, Kennedy, and countless others. A White House statement, issued on the occasion of "The Atatürk Centennial" in 1981, pays homage to him as "a great leader in times of war and peace". It is fitting that there should be high praise for Atatürk, an extraordinary leader of modern times, who said in 1933: "I look to the world with an open heart full of pure feelings and friendship".

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Geregistreerd op: 17-2-2005
Berichten: 11546

BerichtGeplaatst: 14 Nov 2007 19:46    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Been there, done that...


Doe mee met de WO1 Wiki !
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Geregistreerd op: 26-11-2006
Berichten: 330
Woonplaats: Vleuten

BerichtGeplaatst: 14 Nov 2007 20:29    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Lijkt meer op ordinaire reclame van/voor het reisbureau dan serieus info verstrekken. Twee gelijksoortige topics zijn (om die reden?) direct gesloten.
"De ratten zaten net zo in de val" (Bram Vermeulen)
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Geregistreerd op: 4-11-2006
Berichten: 9798
Woonplaats: Arcen

BerichtGeplaatst: 15 Nov 2007 7:11    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Ach, een beetje reclame op zijn tijd.....: als ze er maar voor betalen ...... Misschien een aparte reclamehoek?? Opbrengsten richting de eigenaar... (wie is dat ook alweer?).
Did you imagine the final sound as a gun
(Porcupine Tree)
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Kleine Vuurkruiser

Geregistreerd op: 3-12-2006
Berichten: 2173

BerichtGeplaatst: 15 Nov 2007 8:59    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Inderdaad zuivere reklame, maar wel van pas en mooi om eens in te snuisteren.
Tja, misschien moeten de beheerders hier inderdaad maar enig voordeel uitputten...
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